That Morning Coffee

and a red airplane

From Steve’s Chronicles, Entry #1


Steve hated his job for a very long time. He always wanted to quit his job, but never quite found the right time to do it. For six years he waited for the opportunity to come. He always pictured that opportunity as that brilliant day when he could walk up to his boss, punch him in the head and say those two magical words, “I quit.” That day finally came for Steve. It was the perfect moment to put his long-processed fantasies into act. He walked up to his boss, punched him in the head and said the two magical words, “I quit.” Unfortunately, it was also the day he realized that he should’ve extended his fantasies to include a getaway plan from the two gigantic security guards standing by the office’s door.


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  Basloom Abdullh wrote @

Nice for a beginning. Keep it up. I wanna read the rest of it.

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