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Get Creative!

Have you ever looked at a lesson or a grammar book and thought ‘how on earth can we get through this without having a snore fest?’ Having taught many different ESL books, I’ve come to learn that teaching is 20% material and curriculum and 90% ingenuity and effort. Although I may be mathematically challenged, I absolutely meant 120% because teaching requires that extra ‘umph’. …Read more »


4 Ways to Improve Your Teaching

With the teaching industry being in constant development, keeping up can be very challenging for some of us. We, as teachers, try to always be more creative, more interesting and more professional in our classrooms. But how does one go about doing this? Hopefully, this article will answer the question. …Read more »

How to Effectively Check for Understanding

We all were students once and we all know what it feels like to worry over what your teacher and classmates think of you. Example: Your teacher stands in front of the class and starts explaining the lesson to you. You do your hardest to keep up. Then when the teacher is finally done explaining, you find

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The Why’s and How’s of Groupwork and Pairwork

Perhaps one of the most important and useful skills in TEFL is grouping. If done correctly, it can do you wonders, and both your students and you will enjoy more fun and more constructive lessons.

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First Day’s To-Remember List

Leaving a good first impression is pretty much the only thing that both the teacher and the students think about before entering the classroom. It is after all what sets the tone and determines how well they will do in the coming days of the course. Here are some ways that can guarantee a friendly encounter, a good impression, and promise a smooth and relaxed environment to teach in.

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